Investment funds






We have conducted a selection among Polish closed-end investment funds managed by reputable financial institutions and introduced to our offer only selected funds, which meet strict criteria set by our security brokers regarding investment policies, historical results, liquidity and portfolio managers.

We offer particularly funds with characteristics similar to debt instruments, including secured corporate bonds, and take into account criteria such as:

  • Fixed income
  • Low volatility
  • Security

Unlike open-end investment funds, closed-end ones create wider investment opportunities, as portfolio managers are allowed to take more flexible investment decisions. Certificates of closed-end funds can be purchased during subscription periods and redeemed on redemption periods. As a consequence they are intended for investors with substantial financial surpluses who expect excess returns and accept higher level of risk and reduced liquidity.

If you have any questions regarding investment funds or are interested in investment please contact us to arrange a casual meeting with our securities broker.