Q Securities S.A. with its legal seat in Warsaw, Poland, address: Warecka str. 16, 00-034, Warsaw, Poland, entered into the commercial registry maintained with the District Court for the City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department of the National Registry Court, KRS no: 0000446527, entirely paid-up capital of PLN 466.600,00 REGON (stat. No): 146488304 and NIP (TAX ID): 1080014541 („Q Securities") is a licensed brokerage house as defined under the Act of July 29, 2005 on trading in financial instruments, (consolidated text – Dz. U. of 2014, item. 94 with further amendments), operating on the basis of the licence from the Financial Supervision Commission for rendering the brokerage services granted on October 29, 2013 (DRK/WL/4020/29/31/112/1/2013).

Q Securities has been granted a licence from the Polish Financial Supervision Commission in the scope as follows:

  • collection and processing of orders to purchase or to sell in relation to financial instruments,
  • execution of orders to purchase or to sell financial instruments on account of the orderer,
  • offering of financial instruments,
  • advisory to the corporates in a capital structure, company strategy, and other aspects related with such structure or strategy,
  • advisory and other services in mergers, divisions or acquisitions of companies,                                                                           
  • the storage or registration of financial instruments, including the keeping of securities accounts, consolidated accounts and cash accounts.

Q Securities assures direct communication with their clients at the premises of its corporate seat and by the means of the following channels of communication: 

tel.: +48 22 417 44 00

fax: +48 22 417 44 01


Customers may contact Q Securities in Polish and English. Information and documents are presented in Polish, although selected information and documents may be available in English.

Means of communication between Clients and Q Securities, including manner of collection and processing of orders relating to financial instruments or execution of those orders is depicted in the terms and conditions of given services and presented to clients before conclusion of contracts.

Q Securities provides brokerage service on the basis of an agreement concluded with the client. Detailed rules for the provision of brokerage services are specified in the agreement or terms and conditions to provide this service brokerage, presented to the customer before the contract is concluded.

Before conclusion of a contract Q Securities informs the client of the existing conflicts of interest related to the provision of a given service. In the event of a conflict of interest, the contract may be concluded only on condition that the customer will confirm receipt of Q Securities information about the existing conflict of interest and confirm its will to conclude the agreement. In the event of a conflict of interest with the client after the conclusion of the contract, Q Securities informs the customer of a conflict of interest immediately after its discovery, and refrain from service until it receives a clear written statement of the client's consent to continue to provide services or to terminate the contract, except to take action necessary to protect the client's interest. At the customer's request Q Securities may present in writing the detailed information concerning the conduct of Q Securities in the event of a conflict of interest occurrence.

The scope, frequency and timing of reports on the provision of brokerage services by Q Securities to the client, are specified in the agreement or terms and conditions to provide given brokerage service communicated to the customer before the contract is concluded.

For the provision of brokerage services, Q Securities charges fees or commissions in amount specified in detail in the contract to provide a brokerage service concluded with the client. Rules to incur other costs associated with the provision of the brokerage service are set out in the agreement or the rules of providing the given service, communicated to the customer before the contract is concluded. Transactions in connection with the financial instruments or brokerage services, may result in an obligation to the customer to incur additional costs, including taxes that are not paid via Q Securities. Due to the fact that the tax obligations depend on factors such as, inter alia the individual circumstances of the taxpayer or the way the transaction is processed, in order to determine tax obligations, it is advisable to seek advice from a tax advisor before entering into transactions.

The complaint relating to activities of Q Securities may be made by the customer in writing at the registered office of Q Securities, by mail to the address of the Q Securities or via email to the address specified in the contract to provide the service or on the website Q Securities. In case the complaint does not contain any personally identifiable customer data it may left unconsidered. The complaint should contain clearly defined steps that the client requested if the complaint is justified and contact address of the client. The complaint should be submitted by the customer within one month from the date on which the client learned of the irregularities he complained of. The complaint is considered within 14 days from the date of its receipt by Q Securities. If the complaint raises doubts as to its content or it is necessary to obtain additional information from the customer, Q Securities may ask the client for additional information. Deadline for consideration of the complaint is in this case extension of time to wait for the receipt of information from the client, but for no longer than 14 days. The answer to the complaint is sent to the customer by mail or in any other manner appropriate for the service of correspondence specified in the contract to provide the service.

Q Securities also operates through the investment company agent: Chandryko Dąbrowski Matczuk Kancelaria Finansowa sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw.

Q Securities has the status of an Authorised Adviser for issuers of bonds on Catalyst market.

This information is the information referred to in § 10 of the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance of 24 September 2012 on the procedure and conditions for investment firms, banks, referred to in Art. 70 paragraph. 2 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments, and custodian banks (Journal of Laws of 2012, pos. 1078). Supplementing this information is transmitted to the client before the conclusion of the contract rules provide a specific brokerage service.